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Construction and Packaging Service of virus Vector

Construction and Packaging Services of AAV

Large scale AAV production

How far in advance do you have to schedule an AAV Production project ?
Our production timeline is 5-8 weeks for custom projects. The delivery times provided are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Delays may occur due to unforeseen difficulties inherent to the nature of cloning work. We take customer orders daily and will troubleshoot with you if you have any concerns. If you have additional questions, please email .

How much plasmid do I need to send ?
We need at least 10ug of plasmid if we need to start from cloning. If you provide in a smaller amount to us, we will spend additional time working on DNA amplification during the cloning step. The DNA does not have to be prepped with an endotoxin free kit.

How do you pack and ship your products ?
 We pack our products tubes in a bubble mailer or bubble wrap in a styrofoam container with or without  an outer cardboard box. Parcels will be shipped through third-party couriers on either ice packs (4°C) or dry ice (-80°C) for a flat rate that is adjusted for distance shipped.

What should I do after I get the product ?
Upon receiving, vectors should be stored at -80℃.

Can I freeze and thaw the virus?
We have tested the stability of vectors through multiple freeze-thaw cycles and find that the titer is consistent for approximately 3 freeze-thaw cycles before it begins to drop. So, we recommend that investigators limit freeze/thaw cycles as few as possible. Vectors are stable for a short period of 24-48 hours at 4℃. We recommend that the vector should be stored at -80℃ upon receipt. Thaw the vector only when you are ready to use it and make aliquots of no less than 25 μl in 0.5 ml tubes.  

How long does it take for my package to arrive once it has been shipped out?

Country Transit Time (Days)
US & Canada 2 to 3 days
Europe 2 to 3 days
Asia 3 to 5 days
Do you have a local distributor in my country?
Yes! We have a local distributors in the US at this time. 

I'm a bio-reagent wholesaler/distributor, can I order your product for my customer?
Yes. Please contact us for conditions and limitations for distributor.

My institute requires a quote before I can place the order, how can I get one?
Just email us your name, name of your institution, phone number, and the catalog number and quantity for each product you want to order, and we will email you an official quote in PDF file.

Shipping, Delivery, and Packaging Fees?
All shipping & packaging fees will be included in the quote, prepaid and added to the invoice.To reduce packaging costs, environmental impact, and material, we will always pack shipments together if they are sent to the same address within the same 2-3 days.

Although provided in a highly purified form, our product are not intended for clinical diagnosis or drug use. They are for research purposes only. 

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